We sued Cox Communications for putting their green telecommunication hubs above ground  in  locations that create
a dangerous condition. We won on summary judgment. Case was Cresson vs. Cox, in Orleans, CDC, case #07-4454. 

We won in State Court at 24th JDC, Jefferson Parish, in the case Bremermann Mechanical, Inc. vs. City of Kenner. We 
voided the judgments of the Kenner Mayor's Court that cast our client with the Kenner Occupational License Tax.  
Kenner appealed to the 5th Circuit. The law at issue was La. R.S. 47:362, whereby the contractor can designate his 
principal place of business for purposes of the occupational license tax.   Bremermann, a mechanical contractor, won in 
the appeals court. Defendant Kenner further appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court. The Court refused writs. 
Bottomline: Bremermann won and proved his point against the "Big Bully" City of Kenner.  See cases: In the Kenner's 
Mayor's Court  case #R8563; and 24th JDC case # 629-010; and Jefferson Parish 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, case 

We were also involved representing a plaintiff in an employee wage claim regarding an oral contract and failure to pay. 
It involved securities law and an attempt by defendant to compel us into mandatory arbitration. We stayed in Federal 
court... and resolved same.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we have helped our clients work out/restructure bank loans and settle insurance claims. We have also assisted clients in applying for grants and interest-free loans under various State programs.  Now Road Home issues continue to unfairly torture our clients, for which we try to attempt resolutions and releases.

We have had a few boundary suits and suits against contractors. People think when they obtain a new survey that it is written in stone. You sometimes have to "marry" the surveys, old and new.  Sometimes the surveyors make mistakes. People also think that they have a fence encroachment on their property by the neighbor when their ancestors in title actually put up the fences behind their own property line. And people sometimes incorrectly and unilaterally use self-help to tear up fences, etc. when they should not, particularly when fences are on the boundary line or have been there for over 30years. Some of the lawsuits over these issues in CDC, Orleans, are cases CDC # 12-10192 and #13-08430.

With people living longer, contested successions seem to be increasing. See contested succession, CDC #10-11665.

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